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Coachella's Antarctic Dome 

Amid the blazing desert heat and endless dust of the Coachella Valley Festival, rises a massive 11.000 square foot steel and vinyl dome that looks like something out of Star Wars.
Stepping into the chilled, pitch-black relief of HP's Dome -the largest geodesic projection dome in the world- festival goers immediately feel as though they've embarked on a welcome journey with 499 friends. With i's 108 speakers, 15 projectors and 500 air-mattress reclining chairs that let viewers take in as much of the 360-degree visuals as possible, the Antarctic Dome is both a movie theater and a roller coaster ride.
I had the pleasure of creating the final part of the video, that features visuals from @beeple, @teunvanderzalm, @julis.horsthuis and music from @odesza.
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