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Apple iMac Pro Launch Films

To demonstrate the power of iMac Pro, Apple invited a group of renowned filmmakers, CG artists, and motion graphics designers to create a personal piece of work using its advanced technologies. The project was an opportunity for each of them to use this incredibly capable tool to define power through the films they made. From concept development through final preparations for render, iMac Pro proved to be the ultimate creative partner.
The pitching process proved to be super intensive, with many rounds of moodboards, concepts, styleframes and storyboards. Some of the animation tests can be seen below, depicting the overall concept for the characters and a test for the smoke effect.
Tons of images were produced between concepts and storyboards. The character creation process was documented extensively, with tons of examples created to demonstrate the random, procedural nature of the characters.
A very basic storyboard was created as well in order to show the overall setup and presentation of the "calling" idea.
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